Personal Advocacy and Political Contributions


Personal Advocacy and Political Contributions*

Jan. 2008 to Feb. 2014


$5,000,000 – $9,999,999
$1,000,000 -$4,999,999
American Civil Liberties Union, Inc
Citizens for Phoenix Pension Reform
Liberty Initiative Fund
Open Primaries, Inc
Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc.
Texans for Education Reform
$500,000 -$999,999
Center for Healthy Eating and Food
Indirect Contributions – Patient Rights
Indirect Contributions – Pension Reform
Kansans Support Problem Solvers
Stand for Children, Inc.
$100,000 -$499,999
Alabama Polity Institute
American LeadHERship PAC
Better Way LA PAC, Inc.
California Center for Public Health Advocacy
California Charter Schools Association
Californians for Innovation PAC Ro Khanna (CA)
California Pension Reform
Chicago for Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Forward PAC
Citizens for a Better Arizona
Citizens to Protect PA Jobs
Colorado Commits to Kids
Committee for Pension Fairness
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Education Reform Now Advocacy
Florida Chamber of Commerce
Georgians Together
Indirect Contributions – Soda Tax
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
Mainstream Colorado
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce
Secure Oklahoma
Support our Public Schools
Wendy Davis for Governor
$50,000 -$99,999
Baton Rouge Area Chamber
Coalition for School Reform
Healthy Child Initiative Ballot
Kick the Can Telluride
Obama Victory Fund
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Traveler’s and Immigration Aid
$10,000 -$49,999
Alliance for Better Classrooms (ABC) PAC
Anna Eastman Campaign
Annise Parker Campaign
Colorado Coordinated Campaign
Democratic National Committee
Democrats for Education Reform
Gene Locke for Mayor
Indirect Contributions – TEST ACT
Indirect Contributions – Education Reform
Indirect Contributions – Pension Reform
Judith Cruz Campaign
Kira Orange Jones BESE Campaign
No Labels
Paula Harris Campaign
Plenned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC
Ro Khanna for Congress (CA)
Richmond Fit for Life
Vote Now Houston
Wendy Davis Campaign
*The list above includes donations made directly as well as through the Action Now Initiative, an independent 501(c)(4)
organization based in Houston, Texas.

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